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Freestyle Love is the official Charlie Rock Music Shopping Store that caters entirely to his Freestyle and old-school Hip Hop products.  You can now purchase his classics and latest music directly on his personal online store.


Freestyle Love is the place to order tickets for his upcoming Concert Events without having to pay high fees. You can also purchase VIP, meet & greet packages for his Freestyle, R&B, Hip Hop and Latin Shows. Download his classic songs and of course his latest music. You can also order the hard copy CD’s for your personal collection which will be shipped Immediately.


Available for special orders only are the classic Freestyle concert T-shirts from the Freestyle Legends Tour, Freestyle Honor Awards Shows, R&B Love Fest and The Hip Hop Legends Summer Jam, along with the DVD’s for each show. Contact us for details on how you can add this to your collection along with the mega-mix concert CD with all your favorite Artist.  


Music Don’t Sound like it used to, when music of the past sounds better to us then, we can’t take this feeling as objective proof that music was actually better in the past. Freestyle or Latin Freestyle, also called Latin Hip Hop in its early years, is a form of electronic music which emerged in the early 1980s with such Artist as, Information Society, Exposé, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Shannon, Coro, TKA, George Lamond, Company B, The Cover Girls, Stevie B, Noel, Sa-Fire, Johnny O, Pajama Party, Giggles, Charlie Rock, Shana, Will to Power, Naysia, Sweet Sensation, Seduction, Judy Torres, Linear, Timmy T, Lil’ Suzy, Lisette Melendez, and Collage are some notable performers of the genre. It continues to be heard today and enjoys popularity, especially in the urban Hispanic-American community, as it did when it first came on to the scene.  


Freestyle concerts are selling out arenas across the U.S, now that’s Freestyle Love!   


Charlie “Rock” Jimenez, Producer, Song Writer and Artist started his career in NYC as a D.J and soon after he signed a deal with Next Plateau Records and released his first single “She’s my baby love”. written by him.


Charlie “Rock” Jimenez combined both the knowledge & experience he gained on the road and in the studio with his new-found love for dance music. The outcome was a track written and produced by himself for Freestyle recording artist, Giggles. The track entitled “What goes around comes around” won the best dance song category at the New York Music Awards that year.


Charlie Rock & Giggles continued creating music and released an album shortly after with tracks such as “He said, she said” & “Love Letter” which both became hits and received a vast amount of radio air play. Charlie Rock didn’t stop there, He also wrote and Produced some of the most successful freestyle records to date such as “Dream Boy, Dream Girl” featuring Johnny O and Cynthia, “Forever Yours” and “Happy Days” by Face, and even his own tracks “Missing You” & “Listen to your Heart” just to name a few…


He is currently taking Freestyle Music & Old School Hip Hop to new heights with his Freestyle Legends Tour and Hip Hop Legends Tour Concerts selling out arenas across the country. He is helping to keep the music we all love alive so keep supporting him and his vision.


He finally released his long-awaited Freestyle Album “Timeless” on April 2017 which were songs from the 90’s along with some new songs he wrote and produced.  The album was an instant hit and a top seller on CDBABY online music store.  His first single from the Album “Give Me Your Love” was produced by himself and Omar Santana.  Expect much more singles to be released from his “Timeless” album, show him some Freestyle Love and support his music.

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